The Bible in One Year:
Psalms 65:6-9; John 8:21-36
Golden Verse
His lord said to him, Well done, good and true servant: you have been true in a small thing, I will give you control over great things: take your part in the joy of your lord
(Matthew 25 : 23)

On his way back home, Rudy saw a dead cat lying in a side of the street he was passing by. The cat was wounded; she probably got hit by a car. After looked at the small helpless dead cat, Rudy decided to at least bury her in a decent way.

In a larger scale, in an evening in 1859, Jean Henry Dunant saw so many people died and got injured because of war. But yet, there seemed to be little attempt to provide care.

Dunant then organized local people to provide care to the wounded regardless from which side of the conflict they were, with a very strong slogan saying ‘tuttifratelli’ (all are brothers). This was the beginning of a very large movement known as International Red Cross program. Many have been inspired by Dunant and support the program ever since.

History recorded that Dunant started his social works since he was very young. He was not rich to support what he did. He wrote books to raise awareness among people. You and I are not Dunant and we may not do big things in big scale. The way as Rudy had done, he started small by helping to bury the dead cat when no one else cared. As a well-known quote by Uncle Ben in Spiderman the movie said that with great power comes great responsibility.

In the parable of talents we read today, we understand that we are given responsibility that fits us. Do the best for things entrusted to us now. We start small so that we are ready for the big things in the future. (IR)

With greater power comes greater responsibility.
Uncle Ben – in ‘The Spiderman’
“Lord, thank You for all the responsibilities you give us along with our capabilities. We hope that we can use our capabilities to show Your love to other people. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.”

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