The Bible in One Year:
Psalms 60:8-14; John 6:22-47

I don’t mean to be too bookish by opening our reading today with a word game you might have done in your English class. However it may be interesting and yet challenging. You may need to ask your friends, siblings, parents or even your teacher to solve them! What I mean by a word game is that you need to help me solving the following problems.

I have one word which is ‘create.’ Can you help me finding the;
1. _________________ (noun – product)
2. _________________ (noun – the person who creates)
3. _________________ (adjective)

Well, I hope you find all the answers! One of the biggest inventions in this world was the wheel. In the beginning, human being used big logs that functioned like wheel to move big stones or other logs from one place to another.

People who lived in that era found problem which needed a solution. They saw the logs and got inspired by its round shape. They got creative when they had problem. Therefore such people are called creator, the creative people who solved problem by making some creation.

Apparently, this creative character we have is actually also God’s character. God found that the earth was without form and void (Gen 1:2). He made it beautiful by creating you and me, plants and animals, sea and mountain.

When you have problems in your life, just remember that our God is creative and he has given you his creative character to solve your problem. The question is, are you ready to be a creator? (IR)

“Dear Jesus, I understand that you are a creative God. As your creation, we are also blessed with creativity to solve many problems in this world. Please bless us that we can be a problem solver to help people around us. Amen.”

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