Golden Verse
But the LORD is against those who do evil, so they are forgotten soon after they die.
(ESV – Psalms 34:16)

The world is full of evil and crime. Almost every minute we can see or hear the news about violence against humanity, or human rights violence, or trouble in seeking for justice and truth, and injustice situations around the globe. There are corruption, hate crime, war between countries, and lack of love conditions. There are people who suffer because of famine, and natural disasters. There are pornography, killing, and abuse of power, joblessness people and many other things. There is one question, “Is the world become a place without any hope?” We have to think that our world is still a place with hope, a place that can be a better place to live in. So, it is our duty and responsibility to make positive changes in this world by doing many good things according to God’s words.

Can you think of one good thing that can be done by you and your community to make our world a better place? Then, give a simple action plan bellow for you and your community


Think that this world can be a better place to live in. We have an obligation to make it happened by practicing God’s will.
“Dear Jesus, I do not want to lose hope on this world, although there are many bad things happened in it. I ask you to make me an agent of change by doing, at least, one good thing in my life. Help me to use my life to bring all good things from you to this world. Amen.”

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