The Bible in One Year:
Psalms 34:12-15; Matthew 28:1-20
Golden Verse
Proud people will stop being proud. They will bow down to the ground with shame, and only the LORD will still stand high
(ERV – Isaiah 2:11)

It is true that pride is the first step to destruction. Pride makes people lose their sense of humility. Pride makes people proud of their belongings or what they have in their life.

Could you mention some reasons that can make us arrogant? You can see there are many things that can make us arrogant, even lose our sensitivity by priding them on in front of other people. It can be our talents in sports, or talents in music, or our belongings, or our achievement in classroom, or our achievement in an exam, or our wealth, etc. Please find more reasons, so we can be aware of them!

Now can you identify some reasons or things that make you learn to be a humble person, such as our understanding that we cannot get our achievements by ourselves? There are absolutely other persons who help us to achieve our achievements, or things that we use to get them.

Now, please write down those reasons or things that make you learn how to be humble and remember them!
1 ______________________________________________________________
2 ______________________________________________________________

You can see that there are not enough reasons for us to be arrogant in our life. Everything we earn, or have, or achieve is only because of God’s grace upon our lives. Nothing is worthy to be proud of. We have to learn to be humble only because of God.

The proud man counts his newspaper clippings, the humble man his blessings.(Fulton J. Sheen)
“Dear Jesus, I admit that sometimes I fail to be humble in front of others and even before You, O Lord. I like to pride myself on my belongings or my talents. It makes others become jealous. Help me to be a humble person. All my talents and all I have now are to glorify your name only. Amen.”

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