The Bible in One Year:
Psalms 27:1-6; Matthew 24:15-28
Golden Verse
In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.
(Matthew 5:16)

Being a children of God, we are blessed beyond abundance. He provides for our every need and we can surrender our heavy burdens to Him who in turn will give us peace and love into our lives. The blessings He gives us is nothing we deserve. He blesses us because He loves us, not because we declare Him to be our Lord and saviour. So whenever God blesses us, it is only right for us to bless others. We can use all the things He has given us, our finances, our gifts and talents to bless others.

When we see those around us who don’t have enough, we can give our money and possessions to them. Most of the time, we have more than we need. 10 pairs of shoes, 2 of which don’t get used often. Or we have 40 t-shirts, 10 of which haven’t been used since 2 years ago. We can use these extra’s things to bless others. That means we are sharing His love to others, especially those who do not know Jesus yet.

As you have probably heard, Nepal was just hit with two devastating earthquakes. A lot of people were killed and many more lost their houses and possessions. Even though we may not necessarily personally know all those people who are affected, we can lend our hands to help them get back on their feet. We can donate our unused clothes, that have been piling up in our closet. And just imagine, these people who ended up with nothing, was blessed because God’s people was sharing His love to them.

A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal. ~ Steve Maraboli
“Dear Lord, You have blessed my life in such a way that I hope to bless others too. You have provided for me and never left me in my time of need, please make me sensitive to those around me who are in need. Let Your Name be glorified. In Your Name I pray, Amen!”

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