The Bible in One Year:
John 17
Golden Verse
Now, my soul pours itself out; the time of my affliction has taken control of me.”
(Job 30:16, International Standard Version)

The Mapo Bridge is a famous bridge in South Korea, not because of its beautiful view but because from that bridge many young people in South Korea, especially in Seoul, have committed suicide. It is shocking that more than 40 suicide cases happened every day in South Korea, mostly by young people who were depressed. To prevent suicidal actions, Korean Government put many signs with humored sentences.

Many things can cause depression in your life, such as problems in school, lack of parent’s attention, parent’s divorce, lack of self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and many other reasons. Remember that God in Jesus Christ is always there to love you and bless you. He even plans a good future for you. Besides, there are still many people who love you and willing to help you.

You can talk about your problems with your pastor or elders in your church or even to friends that you can trust. But, first of all, come to Jesus. He will give you rest as He has promised.

Suicide will not solve any problems. Remember, your life is so precious to jesus. Just run for jesus’ love.
“Dear Jesus, I am so desperate and in deep depression. I do not know where to go. I come to you for help. I need you. I need your love. Please hold my hand and make me understand that my life is so precious to you. Amen.”

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