The Bible in One Year:
Matthew 16
Golden Verse
That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him
(Eph. 1:17)

The latest statistic showed that 10% of the total population of Indonesia is undernourishment (FAO, United Nations). Based on that data, on this World Food Day we celebrated today, we still find some people facing the threat of malnutrition while on the other hand we also find some people suffer from obesity. It is ironic when we see children died because of what they could not eat, while the others died because of too much eating.

What we take into our body affects our health. If you consumed something bad, like chemical substance, for instance, your body would try to adjust it and if it can’t, it will give the signal that your immune system is failed then you know that you are sick. Sometimes the signals appear to be fever, cough, or the worst, fatal condition. Like our physical body, our spiritual life also needs to be nourished. If you don’t care about it, the result would emerge such as frequently felt in the same sin, struggling with controlling your temper, feeling brokenhearted easily, and the worst, apostasy.

Like eating is a life-habit for human, in order to fulfill your spiritual needs, you must read the Bible continually and pray fervently. There is no other way to keep your spiritual life strong unless you always have a good relationship with the LORD. In this first month of this year, let us renew our commitment to keep on loving His words by reading it every day. It will renew our hearts to be ready for the new earth which God prepared for us (Isa. 65:17). So when we see Him on His second coming, we will not regret, for we are ready (1 Ptr. 3:15).

The Bible is bread for daily needs, not a cake for special occasions (Anonymous)
“My LORD Jesus, today I make a commitment before you to always listen to your words and talk to you every day. Please help me to do it for the whole year. Let me grow in faith because your Spirit would teach me how to keep in mind everything you say. In your name I pray. Amen.”

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