The Bible in One Year:
Matthew 4
Golden Verse
But the earth will become a desert because of the wickedness of those who live on it.
(Micah 7:13-TEV)

In June 2008, Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios released WALL-E, an animation movie, at theaters around the world. It tells about a robot named WALL-E who is designed to clean up an abandoned earth in the future. In the movie, our planet is covered in garbage due to decades of human consumption habit. Therefore the population is evacuated by a mega-corporation named BnL to the outer space while the WALL-E robots cleaning up the planet. This movie brought up the real issues that we are dealing with today and even so in the future.

Now, let us move to the fact; according to the statistic of the State Minister for the Environment on February 2014, Indonesians produce nearly 75 million tons of solid waste per year with 70% of them were left not recycling. And the biggest contributor is family waste. This could be worse if we don’t change our habit. We were born and raised upon this land; therefore it is also our concern not only to take a closer look of our surroundings but also to get involve in keeping it.

Certainly, we don’t have to desert our land because of garbage like in WALL-E the movie if we take an action from now on. We never know what our earth looks like in 2805, but we hope that it will remain beautiful and safe for living until our next generations, don’t we?
Let us start with making a simple-but-working solution for this. Take a minute to think, what you can do to reduce this tangible problem, then fill the list below!
What I can do everywhere and everyday to keep my environment are
1. _________________________________________________
2. _________________________________________________
3. _________________________________________________

A nation that destroy its soils, destroy itself. – Franklin D. Roosevelt.
“O God, the Maker of all the earth, thank you for giving us a beautiful planet to live. Please, forgive me for ignoring to care of it. Help me to do what I already committed to keep my environment good. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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