The Bible in One Year:
Acts 18
Golden Verse
O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!
(Rome 11:33)

One rainy day, when i was just 5, i found frog eggs in a little pond in front of my old house. In a little girl curiosity, i decided to pay much attention on them. I would like to know how they grew into a happy jumping frogs. so i told my mom to help me took the eggs and put it in an old bucket from the garage.

After a few days, the eggs were cracked and appeared thereof many baby frogs. They swam and swam and swam. Day by day they were getting bigger and bigger, and one day those little frogs jumped out of the bucket and left, except two frogs remained.

These frogs shared the same eggs pipe, pond, bucket, water and even the same food from it. But their behavior were so different. i said so because one day both frogs jumped out of the bucket and landed in mud.

They appeared to have difficulties in swimming or jumping in the mud, though i think they had to keep moving if they wanted to stay alive. One frog swam and jumped but it became increasingly slower and finally it stopped. It died soon afterwards.

On the contrary, the other frog went on moving from the first time it landed in the mud. It kept swimming and jumping even after the first one died. And suddenly, HOP…! It came out of the mud, and away it jumped.

One thing this story told us is that if we decide to give up too soon, we may not realize our ability to survive no matter what problem we face. Struggling for our life means we are grateful to God for the life He gave. He knows our abilities, and He wants us to know it too… KEEP ON STRUGGLING!!!

Live your life to the fullest and you may see the sweetest thing to be alive, and thank God for making you – alive
“Dear God, we are thankful for your patience and love for us. Please help us to live our life actively even though it is hard. Help us to remain strong so we may glorify your name through the good things we can achieve. Amen.”

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