The Bible in One Year:
Markus 14:54-72
Golden Verse
Ye shall not fear them: for the LORD your God he shall fight for you.
(Deuteronomy 3:22)

At first you didn’t believe it but it’s true. You checked and double checked… and it turns out to be true – you’ve just won the lucky draw in your local Sogo® department store of a brand new car! So you hurry and run to the counter… only to be instructed to go down 3 floors behind the Kids section to Customer Service desk. Because it’s a Saturday, Sogo is filled with customers and are everywhere! So you have to navigate around the families and kids that are in the Kids section and finally wait in line… but there are at least 6 people ahead of you. So you waited… for almost 45 minutes. But since you know that the prize is worth the wait, you did. Then finally, you got to the Customer Service desk and tell the clerk that you want to redeem your lucky draw prize. But unfortunately, they told you that this prize can only be redeemed at the Lucky Draw counter that is 5 floors up! So you went again but this time more disgruntled and upset because you waited for so long and no result yet. And oh no, you just found out that the escalators all don’t work! So you have to walk up the stairs for 5 floors… just so that you can wait in line for 12 more people!

Maybe this didn’t really ever happened to you… but living in the Lord is just like winning the lucky draw from a store. It is yours already since the Bible says that you are more than conquerors in Jesus… but unfortunately, there are obstacles and challenges along the way. Does it mean that you haven’t won? No, you won already since the prize is yours. But have you gotten it yet? No not yet because you have to redeem it at the counter and THEN it is truly yours.

Victory, salvation and peace is yours already in Jesus. But the question today is… will you hold onto Him? Will you keep holding onto Him?

“The people who remained victorious were less like conquerors than conquered.” -St. Augustine
“Father, thank You for the victory that I have in Your Son Jesus. Give me the strength, wisdom and direction to hold onto Your Word and promises so that I may witness the fullness of Your victory.”

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