Golden Verse
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
(John 3:16)(KJV)

If I’m asking you to describe what love is, then what would you say? Well, love is the greatest feeling that were given and taught by God Himself. Why do I say so?

He Gave His only Son for us, the sinners. If you are a parent, you will never ever give your child to a criminal right? But that’s what God do. He gave His Son as the replacement of our sins and save us the sinners from the penalty punishment of sin, DEATH. God knows that with the sacrifice of the pure lamb, human will be saved, and His Son is the holy lamb, so His sacrifice of the lamb is the best insurance for human’s life.

He never hates the punishers. If you learn and read the scene when Jesus was crucified, u may remember that He prayed to the Father for the officers who crucified Him. If we were hurt by anyone, most of us will hate them and pray for their accidents. But that’s not what Jesus do, He forgives them and pray for their good.

God hates our sins, not us. Jesus has a very pure heart, He knows us for who we are, He knows that He created us perfectly. It means He never gives sins in us, but we as human are so fragile and easy to make sins. Thats why He welcomes us when we come and repent from our sins. So if you want or willingly to make sins, remember how God loves you and hates the sins.

If we still lives in sins it means we still live in disease, we are sick in our heart, our mind, and our habits. Nobody else can heal us, doctors can’t heal, parents can’t heal, bestfriend can’t heal. The only one who can heal us is God’s love. Repent from our sins, and He is faithful and fair. He will heal our disease, and set us free from sins. But remember we still have to take the consequences from our actions.

“an apple a day, keep the doctors away. A prayer with heart, keeps the pains away” ~ Annonymous
“Thank you God for Your love for me, I’m sorry for my sins. Please heal me and set me free from my sins. And help me to do right things for you. Amen.”

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