Golden Verse
“Then Eli answered and said, Go in peace: and the God of Israel grant thee thy petition that thou hast asked of him. “
(1 Sam. 1:17)(KJV)

Okay, you may have read these verses so many times, especially for you who always spends your time every week to go to Sunday school. Hannah, Eli’s wife, couldn’t have a baby till her old age, and she became so depressed cause every woman in her family can have one. She wanted to have a baby on her own so badly that made her cry in a despair in front of God, and made her like a crazy woman.

Have you ever been in a depressing situation that makes you unable to think, talk, eat, especially to pray? Are you the only boy who can’t play basketball? Or maybe you are the only girl in class who doesn’t have a boyfriend and it really embarrases you?

Well, we all have our own depressing scene in our life, but do you know that our God Jesus Christ also faced these kind of depressing moments when He had to take the cross and put His life to save us? It isn’t the burden or the pain that He’s afraid of, but the sins that He has to carry on His shoulder, and the sins are ours. The sins made Him away from the Father, and He can’t take it. He prayed and prayed ‘til He broke His nerves. It’s like He found no hope for His burdens. But He still obeyed and completed His task til the end.

We may find these difficult times in our life, but don’t loose hope, cause we still have it in our God Jesus Christ who has been resurrected and has given us the new life. He died and rose again for us, and He has given you warranty that He will always be with you, no matter what your situations are. Keep praying, keep believing, keep calm. God be with you.

Hero isn’t always they who wearing tight clothes and save the world, but also the one who can face their problem and solve it. ~ Annonimous
“Dear Lord, thank You for being with me all the time. Please strengthen me through all hard times, and help me to maintain my emotion, so I can glorify Your name, through my life, amen.”

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