I Owe You My Life !

Golden Verse
Your rule is eternal, and you are king forever. The LORD is faithful to his promises; he is merciful in all his acts.
(Psalm 145:13)(NLT)

If you go to,20060609,00.html, you will find many awesome stories of people being rescued by ordinary people. One of them is the story of how Eric Green and his dog Copper got rescued from an icy river by a complete stranger by the name of Kevin Phillips on the side of the road in New Jersey. This was an amazing story because if Kevin Phillips, a security company manager, possibly not having any real training of search and rescue, wasn’t on the road passing through and happen to be noticing a dog sticking out of the water and then seeing a human hand out of the water, as well as also to happen to have a tow rope that he placed in his truck a few days before… maybe Eric Green and his dog Copper wouldn’t be alive to tell this story to the world. What’s even more amazing is what Kevin Phillips said when he said, “I would’ve done it for the dog alone.”

Two thousand years ago, a person by the name of Jesus from Nazareth did something even more amazing. He lived a perfect and sinless life, died on a cross for all of us, and miraculously raising again from death on the third day thus proving His power over the grave. And even though we were sinners, He still went and died for us. Today, He wants to remind you that even though you are far from Him, He still loves you. Even though you’ve forgotten your promises to Him, He still wants you back home. Never forget what He’s done for us. Never forget.

I don’t know what I can do to repay Kevin for what he has done. — Eric Green
“Lord, thank You for what You’ve done in my life. Not only did You saved my life from my sin and my past life, but You want to accomplish something awesome in my life. May I live to never forget what You’ve done and live to tell others about what You’ve done in my life.”

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