Impossible Is Nothing

Golden Verse
“I have the strength to face all conditions by the power that Christ gives me.”
(Phil. 4:13)(NLT)

The exam is just a step a head, for smart kid like Jenna and Tommy is might be easy, but for Stanley, it is a WAR. He don’t do Math, he got E for science, and D for chemical. He get stressed everytime he learn of subject.

But he remember what his Sunday School teacher says that God will help him to do the impossible. In Philipian 4:13, it means that Stanley isn’t alone. God is with him, and strenghtened him. It also meant that Stanley still need studying and remembering all the subjects.

We might also hear a sentence, “Ora et Labora” which meantpraying and working (studying) in the same time. In the Bible we also read, that faith without act is nothing. God will lead us to do the impossible and make it possible. But in one condition, we praying, ask for his strenght, and wisdom, and also act to gain your achievements. Impossible is nothing! ‘cause God says, “I’m Possible.”

If God all you have, you have all you need.
~John 14.8~
“Dear Jesus, thank you for your promises to always be with us and help us to do the impossible. And i’m promise to keep trying until i get the best of me. In the name of Jesus Christ i pray, Amen.”

Prabhjeet Singh Grover via Compfight cc

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