Be A Good Worker

Golden Verse
“Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.”
(Col. 3:23)(NLT)


Have you ever complained when your parents asked you to take out the garbage, pick up your clothes, or clean your room? Most of us have complained at some time about having to work. Where did work come from anyway? From the beginning of Creation, God designed us to work. He made us intelligent, healthy, and active. God knew we would need to keep our minds and our bodies busy or we would be bored and unhappy. So God gave us work to do. God gave Adam the first job ever. Adam was to take care of the Garden of Eden. God knew giving Adam a job would help keep him happy and healthy.

Today’s lesson is about the importance of work. The Bible uses an ant to illustrate good work. We should work to prepare for the future, to keep our minds busy, and to help others. Some people believe “not working” shows success. The Christian concept of success is “meaningful work”— working to fulfill God’s plans, using the gifts He has given us. You should discover what gifts they can use to work for God.

God gave us an example of a good worker—the ant. The ant, although very small, works hard. It knows to gather food during the summer to prepare for the winter. It does not put off work until later. It doesn’t say, “Oh, well, it’s such a nice summer day. Maybe I’ll just take time off to play until the weather is too bad to have fun.” The ant stays busy doing the work that needs to be done.

Dear Kerygmerz, A lazy person relies on others to take care of him while he does nothing. God not only wants us to work to benefit ourselves, but to be an example for others to follow.

Doing our work gives us a feeling of satisfaction
“Dear God, I realize that You want me to work willingly. That means I work because I want to please You. Because when I do my work as a service to You, I feel happy. I am sure that work gives me a way to provide things I need. Thank You for giving me such understanding. In the name of Jesus, I pray amen.”
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