Puppy Love

Golden Verse
“Take my words to heart. Follow my commands and you will live. ”
(Proverbs 4:5)(NLT)


Puppy love is informal term of love that means a feeling of love that occurs between a pair of young children who are still in adolescen. The term can also be used as a satire which used to someone who doesn’t really love their partner. Fall in love for a moment.

Puppy love also known as “crush”, can also be described as the love of a child or adolescent to older people. For example, a student who “likes” to his teacher. In this case, the term “puppy love” describes a love that will not get a reply. This kind of love end up not because of death, but because of different school or has found another one.

Sometimes you experience a sence of uncertainty but suddenly that feeling go away. You even don’t understand what’s going on with you. You really get confused.

Each of you will pass through this kind of phase. Maybe you are experiencing the situation and you are confused with this phase. Don’t be worried and ashamed, it is normal. Enjoy your time because there will be a time when you are ready to have a serious relationship with your partner.

As long as you take the Word of God in your heart, Holy Spirit will guide you and bring you happiness as He says, “…Take my words to heart. Follow my commands and you will live.

So, let’s not sleepwalk through life like those others. Let’s keep our eyes open and be smart
“Dear God, take me to Thy right path. I trust that when I follow Your commandments, you will lead me in straight paths.”
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