What’s Wrong

Golden Verse
“I am the Lord that healeth thee.- KJV”
(Exodus 15:26)


Nina was sad and angry at the time. His good friend Tony had gotten mad at her and pushed him down. Nina was angry about being pushed down, but the reason Tony pushed him is why Nina was sad. Tony’s sister Yulia was very sick.

She was in the hospital, and the doctors said they didn’t know when she could come home. Tony was worried about Yulia. Nina knew that Jesus could heal Yulia., so he told Tony about it. That’s when Tony got mad. He thought Nina was lying and making fun of his sister. Even the doctors couldn’t make her well. Nina decided to pray for Yulia anyway. He went home and told his dad everything that had happened. He and his dad prayed right then. First his dad prayed: “Father, we ask You to heal Yulia. Thank You for Your power to help us. Amen.” Then Nina prayed: “Dear God, please heal Yulia. And please show Tony that You can do it and that You love him too. Amen.”

A few days later, Tony rode up Nina’s driveway on his bike. He asked Nina if he had prayed for Yulia. Nina told him that both he and his dad had prayed that day and he was praying for Yulia every day. Tony jumped off his bike, and Nina thought he wanted to fight. Big surprise! Instead, he told Nina that God had healed Yulia. She was coming
home from the hospital. He even asked Nina if he could go to church with him sometime. What an awesome

Dear Kerygmers, You can be like Nina. There are many ways you can use to show God’s miracle into your friend’s life. Nothing wrong with you, if you do the same way.

“The suffering of Messiah and resulting forgiveness made available to all people.”
“I believe that the stripes Jesus received and His death on Calvary provide healing for our bodies. Help me to be a channel to proclaim this to my friend. I loved to do it, Lord. In the name of Jesus, amen “
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