Golden Verse
“Never I will leave you, never I will forsake you”
Hebrew 13:5


TThe night of the first Passover, Pharaoh let the Israelites leave Egypt. They did not have to be slaves anymore! God was going to lead His people to a new land. He would give that land to them for their very own.

It was a long trip to the new land. The Israelites didn’t know the way. They didn’t know where to camp. They didn’t know where to find food or water. They needed help. God knew where His people were going. He knew where they should camp. He knew where they could find food and water. He knew how to keep them safe on their trip. He would help them. God sent help to His people in a special way. He sent a pillar of fire and cloud. By day, the Israelites could see the cloud of the pillar. By night the Israelites could see the fire of the pillar. The pillar of fire and cloud showed God’s people the way.

The people knew what to do each day because of the pillar. God’s people knew where to go each night too. They could look up and see the pillar’s fire. If it stayed, they stayed. If it moved, they moved. The pillar showed God’s people what to do at night. The pillar of fire and cloud told God’s people what to do every day and every night. God was with them.

God never left His people alone while they were on their trip. Did you know that God has not changed? He does not appear in a pillar of cloud and fire. But He is with us just the same. When we wake up, God is with us. He wants to show us what to do that day. When we go to bed, God is with us, protecting us. How do we know God is always with us? We know because He tells us so. He says, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake

I am with you, that is all you need
“Dear God, please forgive my sins and come to live in my life.
I pray that you will lead and guide me during my life cause you promise that will never leave me, never will forsake me. I am proud of You, Lord, amen”
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